Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Underwater Creatures Pictures

Pictures below are only some of the creatures under the water.

Antarctic Octopus

The Antarctic octopus (Paraledone turqueti)
is just one of the fascinating creatures found on the Arctic seabed.

Lionfish or Turkey FishLionfish or Turkey Fish

Lionfish or Turkey Fish – a venomous marine fish in the genera Pterois.
They are notable for their extremely long and separated spines, and have a generally
striped appearance, red, brown, orange, yellow, black, maroon, or white.

Picasso Triggerfish
Picasso Triggerfish

A famous fish called Picasso Triggerfish.
You can see more of this fish at the Picasso Reef,
an underwater mountain, is located around 200 meters
from the sea shore of Taba heights.


A pair of stingrays glides just below the surface
in the waters of French Polynesia's Tuamotu archipelago.

Orange Cup Coral Reefs

Appearing as flowers of the sea, the tentacles of an orange cup coral
reach out in the waters of the Caroline Islands in Micronesia.
Known for their brilliant colors, these corals inhabit the shallow areas of coral reefs.

Freshwater Shrimps

New species of freshwater shrimp discovered
in the ancient malili lake system of Sulawesi, Malaysia.